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Ranpak FillPak TT


ranpak-fillpak-tt_smFillPak TTC from Ranpak converts fanfold kraft paper into a PaperStar configuration for fast and efficient void filling. This machine offers the convenience of a cutting mechanism and also gives the operator the ability to pre-set paper lengths via an Electronic Delivery System (EDS) mode.  The unit can be set up to dispense void fill material in lengths of 12 inches or up to 10 feet. This new TTC model has the same small footprint as the regular FillPak TT and can be easily adapted to any packing environment or integrated into areas with limited space.


  • Fast – output of 70 inches of paper per second
  • Versatile – allows users to program pre-set lengths of paper
  • Compact – small, lightweight and easy to use for facilities with multiple packing stations
  • Adaptable – converter height and head angles are adjustable for ease while loading or packing
  • Environmentally Friendly – 100% biodegradable, recyclable and renewable paper

System Specs:

  • Dimensions: 17″ x 24″ x 14″
  • Weight: 27 lbs.
  • Power: 100/115 VAC
  • Cut method: Electric Motor
  • Feed Rate: 70″ per second
  • Operating Modes: Footswitch

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Ranpak PadPak CC

The PadPak Compact Cushioning (CC) converter from Ranpak Corp is a simple and effective solution for packing and protecting smaller items for shipment at the packers workstation. Due to the small footprint of the converter, the system can be placed directly on most workstations, but can also be configured on a floor stand if needed. With 1-Ply and 2-Ply options, both light and heavy products can be easily packed with the same high-level of protective performance.


  • Flexible: Pad can be used for items of all shapes and sizes
  • Cost Effective: Less material needed to provide optimal protection
  • Performance: Unique pad design offers excellent protective performance
  • Green: Paper is climate neutral, recyclable and also a renewable source

System Specs:

  • Dimensions: 20″ x 32″ x 21.5″
  • Weight: 110 lbs.
  • Power: 100/115 VAC
  • Cut method: Automatic
  • Paper Options: 40, 40/40, 45
  • Paper width: 15″
  • Bundle length: 40: 1,325′, 45: 1,200′
  • Bundle weight: 40: 22 lbs., 45: 23 lbs.

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Instapak Simple Foam in Bag Packaging System

Introducing the Instapak Simple foam-in-bag packaging system. True to its name, the Instapak Simple system is the easiest to use foam-in-bag system yet, merging the premium performance of Instapak foam packaging with an on-demand delivery system that requires minimal training and service.

What sets the Instapak Simple system apart from other foam packaging methods:

  • Powered through a standard electrical outlet
  • Pre-set push button operation
  • Small 2.5 gallon material bottles snap into place
  • Designed to require minimal service
  • Packaging that just works, right out of the box
  • Compact, mobile platform

In addition to being easy-to-use, the Instapak Simple system is virtually mess-free. All foam components and materials are self-contained at all times, eliminating clean-up concerns. And thanks to simplified operation, the Instapak Simple system is also mess-up free — packagers are assured consistent, pre-determined packaging material every time.

The Instapak Simple system utilizes new foam mixing technology that eliminates pumps and heating elements that larger volume systems require. Foam components are delivered in practical containers, reducing the need to buy and store foam components in bulk.

Just-in-time foam-in-bag packaging expands on site and ensures the right amount of material is used every time, eliminating excess packaging. Less packaging is used, so less enters the waste stream. Instapak foam cushions can be reused, disposed with ordinary waste or returned to a number of Sealed Air sites.

PW Platforms Rolling Ladders

PW Platforms Rolling Safety Ladders provide a mobile solution to access vertical heights while keeping your workers safe. These ladders are made of rugged 1 inch square tube design. They come standard with a weight activated “Lock Step” and a handle on the side that is designed to release the lock with ease.

Standard Features

  • 57 degree slope is standard
  • 30″, 24″, or 18″ wide steps
  • 5 steps and higher utilize the Lock Step
  • 4 steps and shorter are Spring Loaded
  • Rubber tips at stabilizing legs
  • 14″ deep top platform
  • 300 lbs load rating
  • 1″ square tube construction
  • 30″ handrails if equipped
  • Gray industrial enamel finish
  • Multiple sizes and styles available! See pdf below for details.

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Pyramex Intruder S4110s

The Mini Intruder from Pyramex has all the same great features of the standard Intruder in a design that is better suited for smaller faces. This model offers lightweight, frameless protection and superior comfort and fit.



  • Scratch resistant polycarbonate lens provides 99% UVA/B/C protection
  • Lightweight, frameless protection
  • Superior comfort and fit
  • Specifically designed to fit smaller faces
  • Lens Base: 10 curve
  • Lens Size Diagonal: 77.08mm
  • Lens Size Vertical: 43.38mm
  • Lens Thickness: 2.5mm
  • Overall Length (Lens-Tip): 156mm
  • Overall Width (Hinge-Hinge): 135.5mm
  • Weight: 23.1g
  • Now only $0.97/pair!

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BBS400 Series Back Supporters from Pyramex

pyramex-bbs400-supportThe BBS400 Series Back Supporters from Pyramex offer high levels of support in a standard weight package with the added bonus of hi-vis fabric highlights.

• All elastic 8-inch body for extra firm support.
• Hi-Vis spandex elastic with neoprene body.
• Breathable mesh on the lumbar pad position.
• Non-conductive polypropylene stays with anti-slip elastic.
• Adjustable, detachable suspenders.
• Stretchable bias binding with zigzag stitching.
• Color: Hi-Vis Orange/Black

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Safety Cage from Little Giant

little-giant-safety-cageThe Safety Cage from Little Giant allows operators to work hands-free in any direction in complete safety because, unlike platform stepladders, its “wrap-around” guardrail actually wraps around the operator completely in total compliance to tie-off rules.

• Time Savings – no more tying off
• Self Enclosing
• Safer alternative to ordinary step ladders
• Low profile for easy storage
• Fully enclosed platform with 5″ kick plate and midspan
• Ground Cue indicator alerts user to last step
• Tip & Glide Wheels

The Safety Cage is available in 2, 4, 6, and 8-foot models

Little Giant Safety Cage PDF

Ventulus 380 Nitrile Foam Coated Palm Gloves


The Ventulus 380 Nitrile Foam Coated Palm Gloves from Atlas offer a wide range of practical workplace applications and the mix of great functional features you have come to expect from Atlas products.

atlas ventulus safety glovesFeatures:
• Nitrile-foam Coating for Oily Grip
• Waffle Embossed Enhanced
• Gripping Action
• Seamless Nylon liner
• Elastic Cuff Opening
• High Dexterity

Recommended For:
• Mechanical and Automotive Applications
• Machining
• Construction
• Sanding
• Compartment Assembly
• Inspection
• Handling Oily Objects
• Shipping and Receiving


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